Bourbon Red Turkeys

This variety of domestic turkey is a deep chestnut color, with a white tail band and white tipped wings. Our birds have been bred not only for nice color, they have also been bred for nice size! This is a heritage breed- Which means natural breeding, slower growing and excellent at self foraging. They typically have docile, inquisitive personalities and seem to follow us around the farm, cleaning the area of bugs and ticks as they go!
We have turkeys available of various ages throughout most of the year. Poults are usually available spring -summer and must be picked up at the farm. Eggs can be shipped. Please contact us for current photos of our breeding stock, and for more information about available poults.

We currently have hatching eggs available for $5 each or $50/12
Poults are also available for $10 each
We currently have one year old Bourbon Red tom available for breeding or pet home. He is $35